AIRPROFIL can provide you with engineers and trainers.


Their experience includes:

  • More than 2000 measurement projects for compressed air.
  • Leaks detection service for compressed air, nitrogen, and water.
  • More than 100 Training sessionsfor compressed air, heating and air conditioning, and water treatement.
  • Many measurement projects or studies for steam and water cooling systems, and safety pumping systems connected with oil depots.
  • Measurement projects for oxygen, nitrogen, ammonia and industrial vacuum


A powerful and original methodology aiming at a continuous improvement and adaptation of your energy and fluids towards the evolution of your processes and of your goals:


  • Optimising compressed air is not merely a TECHNICAL matter. It also involves many social or organisational matters such as optimizing your procurement procedures, and particularly the forms contracts and guarantees which you demand when sub-contracting or outsourcing certain tasks.
  • Saving compressed air is not merely a TECHNICAL matter: it involves also the way you recruit (especially internally) and the way you train your employees.
  • Getting a higher reliability or availability of your compressed air supply often requires that you set better maintenance procedures (especially preventive maintenance)
  • Efficient management of your compressed plant sometimes requires that you reinforce your procedures of documentation and information before a user connects to the compressed air distribution net.


You may also contact us to discuss a project for:


  • If you are responsible for a group: Creating or refining a group strategy in the field of compressed air operation and audits.
  • If you are a new Entrant in the field of compressed air audits: Developing and enriching your offer of services in the field of compressed air
  • Training your employees and developing your software and applications for compressed air management or audits.